Stephanie Pierre

Since 1999, Stephanie Pierre has been managing her company Scout Promotion – an agency specializing in TV & video for G/S/A. Stephanie’s specialty is to market not only well-known artists, but also acquiring TV reports and shows for newcomers. Whether authors, musicians or bands – Stephie & Harry of Scout Promotion are the professionals when it comes to maximum presence on TV.

Stephanie Pierre was the “heroine of the electronic organ” as a teenager, before she started classical vocal training at the age of 18. Under the synonym Mystéfy she released her self-penned jazz songs in 2008 and 2010.

1992 – 1999

Stephanie’s first step into music biz was in 1992 as an advertising photographer. Later she worked as a PR manager for various record labels, organized the 1st Jazzrally event in Dusseldorf. From 1995-98, she ran the ZYX Music Promotion Office North (TV/Radio), built up ZYX rock promotion department, and initiated joint-ventures with radio stations. She was permanently on the road with artists from boybands such as “Caught In The Act” to legendary stars such as Mr. Ray Davies (The Kinks). In autumn of 1998, Stephie joined label SPV (Hanover) for one year as a TV promoter and video commissioner.

Since November 1999

Several rejected job offers later, on 1 November 1999, Stephanie founded Scout Promotion. She also worked as an artist manager, was board member of Music Managers Forum Germany and founding member of EC Music Group, a company consortium who founded the Popkomm event “Kick It Like Canada” (2004-2006). Since autumn 2006 her focus is solely on TV / video promotion and consulting. Stephanie has a good network and is active as a speaker (music exhibitions e.g. Reeperbahnfestival 2010, OCFF Ottawa 2010, Canadian Music Week 2005/2007, Popkomm 2005) or for Scherer Academy in 2016 with her presentation “How do I get on TV?” (catering for authors/speaker).

Harry Bannoehr Harry Bannoehr

Already as a ten year-old, the Frankfurt-born was listening to music considered inappropriate for his age: Yes, Johann Sebastian Bach and Frank Zappa – on top, his brother blasted him with Black Sabbath and AC/DC. This music education left him open to all music genres, and with a strong wish to become both a church organist and a stage hog. Harry’s tech affinity showed early in form of a modular synthesizer and an Atari ST. The 80’s brought on his first band: Fake No More played brutal “Heavy-Metal-Bebop”. The switch to the A Cappella scene happened „because it means you don’t have to schlepp instruments“ :). For 17 years Harry was a member of “U-Bahn Kontrollöre in tiefgefrorenen Frauenkleidern”, and then dove right into the A Cappella-world of “Rock4” from Netherlands. Also, he was ever fascinated by the view „behind the scenes“ – naturally, jobs in management for actors/musicians and in both music and video production followed. Apart from his employment for Scout Promotion, Harry works as a consultant, producer/composer and cutter.