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Aspekte & NDR Das! & more ...
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+++ Adam Cohen at Inas Nacht, 3sat
kulturzeit, NDR Kulturjournal & Co? ...
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+++ Patricia Kaas at Markus Lanz,
Schlagerbooom, ARD Buffet etc pp:
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+++ Prof. Dr. Sven Voelpel at Livenachneun,
NDR Mein Nachmittag & WDR:
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+++ Tami Neilson at mo:ma,
kulturzeit and such:
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+++ Tanita Tikaram at Fernsehgarten,
Brisant, mo:ma & more:
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+++ Ray Wilson at zdf:bauhaus, DW
Nightgrooves, ZDF Silvestershow & Co?
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Scout TV

Since over 20 years we specialise in TV promotion.
1999: Scout takes The Jeff Healey Band to „Geld oder Liebe“ – do you remember that show?
Exactly. THAT's how long we successfully place artists & authors on TV.

That's on at Scout ...